Park management



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Building are divided in two categories.

Services: buildings that provide service for skiers or park infrastructure. Skiers do not buy tickets or pay for the service if they use those buildings. You still have to pay money for upkeep. Service buildings are: snow cannon, cot, shelter, snowcat garage, ski patrol, rescue station, hospital and parking lot.

Restaurants: skiers have to pay for using services provided in those buildings. Restaurants are: stall, snow bar, kiosk and self-service restaurant. Restaurants differ in capacity and service quality. Service quality can be upgraded through investments.

There is one more special type of building: sightseeing point. This building is a part of mission scenario, you can not build or delete it. Visiting sightseeing point makes skiers more happy.

Each building can provide one or more following services :
Warm up: shelters from cold
Rest: replenishes energy
Food: drives away hunger
Fun: rises happiness


Constructing buildings

To construct building right click on a free ground, select service or restaurant building and left click to construct it. To rotate the building press “PgUp” or “PgDown” keys. Buildings can be placed only on free ground. Size of a building matters as well. Large buildings must have flat ground. Small buildings can be build on more steep hills than large buildings. Parking lot is a special case, it can be build only close to a road.