Park management



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Camera controls - panning: You can control camera panning in two different ways.
1) keyboard: use W,S,A,D or arrow keys to pan camera left, right forward or backwards.
2) mouse: press and hold left mouse button or Shift key, move mouse to pan camera.
3) move mouse cursor to the edge of screen to pan camera in that direction (only in fullscreen mode).
Camera controls – rotation: Press and hold middle mouse button or Ctrl key and move mouse to rotate camera. Camera orbits around point on the ground in the middle of screen.
Camera controls – zoom: Use mouse wheel to zoom in and out.
Free ride and downhill controls: Use W,S,A,D or arrow keys to ski. Press Ctrl key for fast downhill. If you are close to lift start station, left click on it to take a ride. Press Esc key to exit free ride mode.
Left mouse button: Single click: selection. Click and drag: camera panning.
Right mouse button: Open context menu
PgUp and PgDown buttons during construction: rotate buildings, change slope width
Backspace: delete last section during slope construction
Escape key: open main menu

1: toggle long distance visibility
2: toggle slope visibility
3: toggle blocked terrain visibility
4: toggle snap to grid feature
5: toggle Blue-Red-Black terrain visibility
6: toggle trees visibility
7: toggle snow visibility
8: toggle skier info