Park management



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Display options

MenuDisplay.jpgLong visibility: Show or hide surrounding landscape. You can easier identify land available for construction. Press '1' key shortcut.
Slopes: Highlights slopes in blue, red or black. Press '2' key shortcut.
Blocked terrain: Displays occupied or unavailable terrain in red. Press '3' key shortcut.
Cursor snap: Toggles automatic cursor positioning. Turn it of for precise object placement or to build close to other buildings. It turns off by default during building construction. Press '4' key shortcut.
Blue-Red-Black: Displays land steepness in the whole park. Press '5' key shortcut.
Trees: Toggle tree visibility. Press '6' key shortcut.
Snow: Display snow condition on slopes. Red – no snow, yellow – normal snow, green – groomed snow. Press '7' key shortcut.
Skier info: Toggles displaying detail information of individual skiers under mouse cursor. Press '8' key shortcut.
Highlight: Open highlights window.