Park management



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Highlight menu

MenuDisplay.jpgWith this menu you can display several points of interest directly in the park. Select one of the items on the list and colour coded transparent beams show above individual lifts and buildings. Zoom out for better view.

Nothing: Hide all beams.
All closed: Red beams above closed lifts and buildings.
Snow cannons: Blue beams in size of snow cannon effectiveness.
Snowcats: Blue beams in area of snowcat operation.
Restaurants: Highlight all restaurants.
Cots: Highlight all cots.
Shelters: Highlight all shelters.
Medical: Highlight all ski patrols, rescue stations and hospitals.
Parking: Highlight all parking lots.
Service quality: Beams in green (high service quality) through red (low service quality) colours above all lifts and restaurants.
Profit: Green beams for positive balance and red beams for negative balance.
Too expensive: Beams in green (cheap price) through red (expensive price) colours above all lifts and restaurants.
No customers: Red beams above lifts or buildings with no visitors ever.
Price: Blue beams in different width according to price value.
Queues: Blue beams in different width according to lift queue length.