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Lift transportation system is the work horse of your park. There are two basic lift types: ground and aerial lifts. On ground lifts skiers must stand on skis and are pulled up the hill while on aerial lifts skiers sit in gondolas attached on cables well above the ground. Skiers get more tired on ground lifts. Slope can not cross ground lift but it can pass under aerial lift. Initial service quality is given by lift type and length. The longer the lift the happier skiers are and you can charge appropriate price for it. Lifts can be upgraded to increase service quality.

Ground lifts: platter lift and T-bar. Aerial lifts: double chairlift, quad chairlift, six chairlift, cable car, aerial tram.

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Lift construction

Right click on exact location where you want to build lift lower station. Select lift type you want to build. Yellow line represents position of new lift. Information box tells you how much is the lift going to cost or why is it not possible to build it. Left click to build lift upper station. You can also replace existing lift with a new type of lift with more capacity on exactly the same place. To do so right click on lift station and select Replace lift”.