Park management



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Park management

 Designing the lifts and slopes system
All the lifts and slopes should be connected. Skiers do not like to walk long distances. And they will not walk up the hill
either. If you build two lifts close to one another place the lower station of the second lift below (downhill of) the upper station of the first one. To make access even easier connect them with a short slope. If there are not enough skiers in a certain section of your park, build more slopes going to that section. Building slopes does not cost any money while lifts are expensive. You can channel skiers to desired locations by closing certain lifts and making them go in a different direction. If your lifts and slopes become too crowded and you don’t have enough finance to expand your park you can always close parking lots and stop the newcomers. If skiers are getting lost on the track or they do not go to certain lifts or buildings redesign the slope system around such places. It is generally better to build long slopes and lifts rather than short ones.