Park management



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Park management

 Managing prices
You can set prices individually for each lift or restaurant or set same price for all services of the same type. Services like cots, shelters, ski patrols, rescue stations, hospitals and parking lots are free of charge. For everything else skiers must pay every time they use a lift or dine in a restaurant. You should set the prices just right so you do not upset your customers if the price is too high or loose money if the price is too low. To see if the price level is good check the “Service too expensive” indicator on finance tab of building or lift information window. It tells you how many customers thought that it was too expensive. If the percentage is zero, you can set the price higher. If the percentage is too high don’t be greedy and make it cheaper. Service quality and skier spending limit both alter the recognition of the price. Service quality can be upgraded through investments and skier spending limit rises with park rating. You can individually set prices for each lift and building or just upgrade everything to same service quality and then just adjust prices globally - “same ticket price for all lifts“.
An important factor to watch is hourly profit. This number indicates current profit balance. You can find it in statistics, finance tab. If last hour profit is negative it means expenses were higher than income and you are loosing money. In that case you can close some lifts or buildings to cut down the expenses or rise prices even if skiers become upset about it.