Park management



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Park management

 Park rating
This is the key statistic to keep an eye on. Rating represents the overall quality of your park and its popularity among people.
A good rating means more rich customers and better profits. Rating is calculated from several factors, both positive and negative. Positive factors add points to your rating up to certain limit. Once that limit is reached, improving the given factor has no effect on rating. For example if you have enough lifts to get maximum rating points from lifts, building additional lifts will not increase your total rating percentage. Rating is expressed in two ways: total points or a percentage of the maximum possible rating. You should be more interested in the later.

Positive rating factors are:
Skier happiness – Has the biggest influence on park rating.
Length of slopes
Number of lifts Some lifts get better rating than others.
Number of buildings - Some buildings get better rating than others.
Snow quality – Always use snowcats.
Popularity - You can gain popularity by completing some mission objectives. Rating percentage can get over 100%.

On the other hand negative factors lower your rating and it can even drop below zero.

Negative rating factors are:
Bad reputation - Received from skiers who left your park because they were unhappy with your services, luckily it is forgotten over time. You can use PR campaigns to improve bad reputation.
Casualties - A death on a slope is a PR disaster, again it is forgotten over time.
Ecology - Chopping down trees in pristine mountain countryside does not make a good impression, plant some new trees to neutralize this effect.