Park management



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Your customers have several desires and needs to be fulfilled. You can observe their status on skier graph in statistics menu. You can also display color coded tags directly above skiers heads showing their status. New skiers continuously come to your park. The higher is the park rating the more skiers arrive. However there is parking capacity limit. If number of skiers reaches that limit you should buy new parking lots.

 HappinessIt is the most important indicator of all. If happiness reaches zero skier leaves your park upset and impends park rating. Happiness is influenced by all other factors.

Skiers enjoy:   skiing on a slope (preferably wide slope with same difficulty level as their skill)
                       well prepared groomed snow
                       full stomach
                       not to be tired
                       not to be cold
                       no injuries (or quick rescue if injured)
                       to visit sightseeing point
Skiers dislike: long waiting times for lift rides
                       prices higher then their spending limit
poor service quality
                       empty stomach
                       to be tired
                       to be cold
                       to be injured
HungerEverybody needs to eat. Skiers become hungry over time. Build stalls, snow bars, kiosks and self-service restaurants for dining.

EnergySkiing is physically exhausting sport. Skiers get tired when skiing or on surface lifts (platter lift and T-bar). Skiers regain energy in cots or aerial lifts (double chairlift, quad chairlift, cable car and aerial tram).

ColdNobody likes to be freezing. It can get really cold up in the mountains. Skiers get cold during cold days (influenced by weather), when skiing especially in high altitudes and on open air lifts – platter lift, T-bar, double chairlift, quad chairlift. Skiers get warm in shelters and enclosed lift gondolas – cable car and aerial tram.

SkillEvery skier has different skill level. They prefer easy (blue), intermediate (red) or difficult (black) slopes. Beginners can ski on black slopes but they will not enjoy it so much.

Spending limitSpending limit is amount of money the skier is willing to pay for individual lift ticket or other service. Every lift or restaurant has different service quality. If the service quality is more then 100% the skier does not mind to pay some extra money above his spending limit. But if the service quality is poor (less than 100%) the skier will not like it even if the price is below his spending limit. Spending limit of newcomers is influenced by park rating. Park with high rating will attract rich skiers and low rating draws only poor folks. Skier does not change his spending limit during the stay in the park. If the skier has to pay more than his spending limit it lowers his happiness and may eventually force him to leave the park. Service quality of all rides and restaurant can be upgraded through investments.

Cash – Amount of money in skiers pocket. If skier runs out of money he leaves the park without lowering park rating. The amount of newcomers money is influenced by park rating.

InjuredAccidents sometimes happen. If the skier gets injured your rescue medics must come and help him. Skiers are prone to injury when tired or on slopes with no snow. Build network of snow cannons, ski patrols, rescue stations and hospitals for the safety of your park. If help does not come in time the skier may die! Death on the slope has huge negative impact on park rating.