Park management



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Slopes are the reason why skiers come to your park. You should build as many as you can. Luckily building a slope does not cost any money. You can redesign slope system any time.
There are three types of slopes: blue for beginners, red for normal skiers and black for skilled skiers. Each skier prefers the slope that matches his skill level.
Every slope must connect at both ends. Slope can start and end at lift stations or other slopes. If you delete adjacent lift or slope skiers can not continue and may get lost.
Slopes are laid out in segments. Each segment can have different width. This way you can fit the slope in narrow spaces. However skiers prefer to ski on wide slopes.
Snow condition can be displayed by selecting “Snow” checkbox in display options.
Areas with no snow are displayed in red, normal snow in yellow and groomed snow in green. Never leave the slope without snow, place snow cannon nearby. And always try to cover as much area with your snowcats as possible.
You can downhill race a slope. Try to beat your best time. You must stay on the slope during the race or you will be disqualified.
Left click on any slope to bring up slope information window.

SlopeGeneral.jpg SlopeRelief.jpg

Slope construction

To build a slope: right click on lift station or existing slope and select “Build slope”. Yellow line on the ground will mark next segment. Cursor information will inform you if your design is possible and if not for what reason. Move mouse down the hill to draw new slope or left click to place segment. Finish slope at another lift station or slope by left clicking on it. Move the mouse back up the hill to erase slope during costruction. To cancel slope building right click and select “Cancel”. Slope width automatically adjusts itself to widest possible. However you can change segment width by pressing “PgUp” and “PgDown” keys.